Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Photos! (Week 2)

Left to right: Elder Russel, Me, Elder Luke Shill, Elder Nathan Moser, Elder David Edwards. Elder Benjamin Bliss, Elder Hayden Rathmell, Elder Benjamin Buzan, Elder Thomas Lloyd, Elder Holden Fielding
Sister (Brittney Johnson look alike) HIll, and Sister Zerilli

At the temple for our Sunday temple walk.

​Me and Elder Kim from south korea serving in south Korea!! He was in the neighboring room and he is so cool!! he was in south korean special forces!!haha

our district being weird after a long day... haha!

Christmasverssary!!!! hahahaha

Baseball in our room! Elder White is pitching, elder Moser is batting

Photos! (Week 1)

Elder Buzan, Elder Fielding (Elder Stuart's roommates)



Elder Edwards, Elder Moser, Elder Shill, Elder Bliss, Elder Stuart, Elder Lloyd (Companion), Elder Fielding, Elder Buzan, Elder Russell, Elder Rathmell (District Leader)

Elder Buzan, Elder Fielding, Elder Stuart, Elder Lloyd

Sister Swanson, Sister Alapa (a really good friend from high school), Elder Stuart, Elder Lloyd

MTC Life

Hello everyone! I love P-days because i get to start my day off by going to the temple and there is nothing like the spirit you are able to feel there, if you go in with a question I can testify that you will get more out of the experience and be able to focus and pay attention better! Pay attention to every word because every word is said for a reason and it is amazing to see what you get out of all of it!

So something crazy happened! We knew our investigators are usually members, but Jared, was actually our teacher! we walked into class on friday and he was just sitting there with his little teacher badge, and started teaching us. It was so weird trying to get somebody to gain a testimony about the gospel, and then having them teach you and he has such a strong testimony so that is amazing! He also was taught by us so he knows what we need to do to improve so that has really helped! We still teach him though and he committed to Baptism!! even though he isn't a real investigator it was such a cool feeling!!

We also did this thing called Member TRC this week, where we went into this room with a member and we just taught them more about the gospel. Our guy was amazing this week! He had such a strong testimony and I learned so much from him. We taught him more about Faith and what we can do to show our faith and increase our faith. He committed to try and attend the temple more often so that was really cool!!!

So yesterday was Christmasversary!!! (or the 25th of the month) Because we don't get to celebrate many holidays while in the mtc we made this one up and a bunch of guys from our zone brought random white elephant gifts from things we found around the mtc, put it under this tree and sang Christmas songs. It was so much fun!! Our zone is always so much fun to be around and we have a great time together. 

This week i have learned a lot about the atonement, and what it can do for us, not only take away the burden of sin, but it can comfort us whenever we are in need of his comfort. I know that where ever we are in life we need to just keep making corrections and make our way back to the Savior through faith and love. It has been such a good week and i love hearing from all of you, sorry if i don't get to writing you, we dont have much time to write. Love you all so much!!

Con Amor
Elder Stuart

ps. the scripture section this week is Alma 26, we should all strive to have faith like Ammon does and a knowledge of God.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Hola Familia!! It is the second day here in the MTC and they have given us ten minutes to hurry and write home to let you know how we are doing. Things here are GREAT!!! I love the spirit that I feel when I am here, and the biggest thing that I have learned in these two days is that prayer is key to having the spirit with you. I have never prayed so much in my entire life, and I have already noticed the difference that it has made in my life. I challenge all of you to increase your amount of daily prayers, and family prayers. If you pray once a day, up it to two times. If you pray five times a day, up it to six. I promise you that as you do this you will have the spirit stronger in your life, and that it will bless you in more ways that you know, so that is my challenge for this week. 

My companion is Elder Lloyd and I really like him! We get along great and I can tell that he has a great spirit about him. We also are rooming with Elder Fielding and Elder Buzan, and we get along great with them as well! The first day was crazy with so many emotions, but as soon as the tears and homesickness went away I was able to feel the spirit so strongly that it really helped comfort me. We got all my stuff, dropped it by my room, and then headed straight to class... where they did not speak one word of english!!! It was intense but i feel like i actually understood quite a bit! We then went to a devotional and we opened by singing called to serve. And the spirit that you can feel when we sing that song is incredible and unlike anything else. We then were able to role play with three different investigators as the "Orange Dots", or new kids, and that was a really cool learning experience! Then we went back and unpacked and got ready for bed. It was an incredible day and I love the spirit I am feeling here. 

I have seen so many familiar faces here that it has really helped to know that my friends are out serving the Lord just like I am! I was able to see Sister Alapa and catch up and get a few tips on the MTC before I had to rush to class so that was really cool! All the familiar faces have really helped.

I miss you guys so much but i know that this is were my Savior needs me at this time and i Can't wait to be able to get to Argentina and be able to serve the people there and bring this light unto them. I love you all so much and thank you for all of your examples that you set for me! Remember that Christ lives and that He loves us, and that through Him and His Atonement anything is possible. Keep praying, and know that all of you are in my prayers. I love you all.

Love,  (Finally)Elder Stuart :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Entering the Provo MTC (A Letter from Mom)

Hey Everyone!

Elder Ryan Stuart reported to the Provo MTC today!  He will be there for 6 weeks and will hopefully leave for Argentina on September 22, 2015 (if he receives his VISA in time).  I will be sending you his emails and you are also welcome to visit his blog  at

Elder Stuart is very excited to finally be on his mission.  It was a wonderful day with family dropping him off, but very difficult driving home without him!  I hope you all enjoy reading his experiences.

Here are ways to write to Elder Ryan Stuart:

August 12, 2015 - September 20, 2015
Elder Ryan Stuart
2005 N 900 E Unit 35
Provo, Utah 84602
(standard letter is a regular postage stamp)

After September 22, 2015:
Elder Ryan Stuart
Argentina Neuquén Mission
Casilla de Correo 321
8300 Neuquén
(standard letter $1.20 postage stamp)

Thank you all for your support to Ryan!  You are wonderful friends!


[This blog will be updated by Elder Ryan Stuart's sister, Elizabeth]

The family before Elder Stuart entered the Provo MTC

We saw Ryan's good Friend, Elder Zach Parrish, during "sports time" and took a picture of the two of them!