Monday, January 30, 2017


1-3 Paddle Ball!!

4-7 Saying bye to Elder Lebaron... and my new comp ELder Ortiz!

Elder LeBaron, Elder Stuart, Elder Ortiz, President Casariego

Sup Fam!

Sup Fam!

This week was great! We saw the hand of the Lord in our life a lot this week. 

First off it was super sad because Elder LeBaron went home this week. Im gonna miss that guy. We had a great time working together and this week we saw the fruits of that work! My new comp is Elder Ortiz! He is super dope and im super excited to see what is going to happen. This week we had 7 investigators come to church, which is a miracle here! We had the Melo family, the Infante family, and then a girl named Carina. It was amazing to see that the Lord blessed us in such a great way after the trial of our faith. 1 Nefi 2:15!! most of you are probably wondering why that scripture. But just look it up and figure out why its a trial of our faith :) I know that as we leave everything behind and we do all we can to serve the Lord he will bless us continually and lead us to the promised land and the blessings that he has prepared for us! I know that this is the work of the Lord and that He lives today and is guiding His one and only true church.  Please pray for our investiagtors so that they can get baptized soon and for our mission to keep progressing! Love you all! 

-Elder Stuart

(oh yeah, and the changes in missionary work! it isnt too diferent from what we were doing here before, the biggest change really is that we do daily planning in the morning in stead of the night, and we only have four key indicators instead of 9! pretty interesting! If you have questions just ask. the training was amazing!)

When I asked about what the Key Indicators were, this was Elder Stuart's response:
We used to keep track of lessons taught, lessons with member, referecnces and all that. but now it is just Baptisms, people at church, baptismal dates, and new investigatores. It all has the final goal of baptizing. it is awesome! (does that make sense?) and we still get up at 6:30, get back home at 9, and to bed at 10:30.

Monday, January 23, 2017


1-3 Elder Barrios!!!! and his comp Elder Pineda came to do intercambios

4 Got fe?? haha that is milk and it has extra iron in it, but fe in spanish means faith. :) so we had to buy it! 

5 Some of the youth in the ward and an investigator on the right (Santi, Me, Nacho, Lauty, adn Edwardo.)

Success from Working with Members!

hola familia!

This week was super good! The Melo Family is doing great! They are working on the papers right now to be able to get married, and then on their way to baptism. They are doing great! Also we are working with a mom of a recient convert! Her name is Roxana, and she came to church yesterday with us! She is doing great, her in laws are members as well so they have been coming with us to teach her and she is going great. She said she would like to learn more and eventually get baptized so that she can help her family stay strong, because only her son is a member for now. So we are seeing the success from working with the members, thats for sure! The Lord is blessing us a lot. I love this work. Things are going great!

Also Elder LeBaron is going home tomorrow! so thats weird! But it was a great few months with him. I still dont know who my comp is... so i hope we find out soon! 

Love you all!

Elder Stuart

Monday, January 16, 2017


Zone Conference 

1 - Group of Neuquén and Plottier Zones

2 - Food!!

3 - The Office Elders: Ramirez, Newman, Stuart, Esplin and Lloyd with LeBaron in back

4 - Elder Newman, Elder Ortiz and Elder Stuart

Melo Family

Hola Familia!!!!!!!!!!

This week was an amazing week! One of the great experiences that we had this week was with the Melo Family. This week we had a super great lesson with them about the plan of salvation and how familys can live together for eternity if they are obedient to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. It was amazing to see how this knowledge they recieved lighted their faces and you could see a difference in the way they were. They were filled with a greater portion of the light of Christ and it was amazing to see how when people have an open heart and are willing to listen, that they begin to understand what this gospel will do for them personally. They committed to come to church adn they were really excited to come! But then here comes the trial of the faith... we were at church waiting for them to show up and the meeting started and they still werent there. We said a little prayer and went in to the meeting... and the Family Melo came walking in!!!!!! :) it was such a miracle and amazing to see how much they liked the church. We are so excited for this family and we hope to see more of the progression in the gospel through baptism soon! Please please please pray for them! Love you all!

Thanks for all the support you all give me :)

Elder Stuart

Monday, January 9, 2017


1 - Lidership council!! Elders Stuart and Barrios

2 - Lidership council!! Elders Nachreiner and Stuart

3 - Those that have been in the office:
Me, LeBaron, Espinosa Peña, Mendoza, Barrios (dont know why he is there, he wasnt in the office haha!), Ramirez, Bliss, Madruga, Nachreiner, Johnson, Ortiz, Lloyd, and Jensen in front!
4 - MTC reunion, again! Elders Lloyd, Stuart, and Bliss!

5 - Thank you for all the christmas letters!

Open House Miracles

Hola Famila!!

This week was super good! We are finidng a lot of people to teach in these past few weeks! This week we had an open house in the church in our ward and it went really well! We didnt have too many people show up, but the people that did come were really a miracle. First off we had a man named Walter, he is working here for a few months to be able to provide for his family that lives in Buenos Aires. He said he is looking for something better and felt like this is what he has been missing in his life and what he needs to be able to provide for his family. We put a baptismal date for him and we are super excited to teach him!!! Then some recent converts brought one of their friends, Carmen, and she told us she had a lot of questions, we explained to her the restoration. and she said it made a lot of sense to her, we were also able to put a fecha with her and we are super excited aout that! The Lord really is blessing us a lot in our work here. It is amazing to see His hand in our lives every day and know that this is His work,, and he is here to bless us and help us if we trust in him. It has been a great week! I love you all!! 

Elder Stuart

Monday, January 2, 2017


1-3 Zone Conference with Neuquén and Plottier Zones

4 Welcoming 29 missionaries at the airport!

5 Elder Stuart welcoming missionaries at the airport

6-7 Feeding the new missionaries

8 The 29 new missionaries with their trainers behind them, along with President and Hermana Casariego, Elder Stuart and companion, Elder LeBaron

09 Elder Stuart and Elder Esplin, who is a new Office Elder

10 Part of the office! Elder Ramirez (new to the Office being trained by Elder Mendoza), Elder Stuart, and Elder Newman. Elder Lloyd, Elder Esplin (new to the Office being trained by Elder Ortiz, not shown), Elder Mendoza.

Elder LeBaron, y Elder Ortiz weren't here right now.

11 Sorry for the overload, but Ryan really enjoys Elder Ortiz and he made it back into the office for a picture. They ran together over 3 miles this morning!! 

Happy New Year!

Hola familia!

This week was super great! Happy new year to everyone! I hope it is a great one!
Well i dont have much time this week, but we found three great families and we hope they start to progress to baptism! Please pray for he Familia Infante, Familia Muñoz, y familia Melo! I love you all and i hope you know how much i apreciate all that you all do for me to support me! Things are great!

Love you all!

Elder Stuart