Tuesday, December 27, 2016



President gave us all mates for christmas and we gave him and the Hermana that mate bag :)

Elder Ortiz & Elder Stuart

Elder Stuart & Elder LeBaron


Bune Día familia!

This week was super good :) we had a great week leading up to Christmas and it was a great time to give our testimonies about the Savior. We had a great conference with Presidente where he talked about how we need to change the paradigms(yes this is an english word :)) of the work and believe that we can achieve more and we will do it! It is so true on how we judge so quickly at first and that becomes stuck in our head and we dont see things or others how God intends for them to be seen. But if we can see with the Eye of Faith like it talks about in Ether 12:19 :) May we see things how God intends for them to be seen!

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and remembered the true meaning of this special day! Hope you all enjoyed your time with your families! Thanks for all your support for me. I love you all! :)

Elder Stuart

Monday, December 19, 2016


1-4 Our Christmas Tree! 

Me with President Casariego!

5-9 Our Light the World Activity! 

Me with Elder Ortiz

and again with Elder LeBaron, my companion.

Working & Praying for a "White" Christmas

Sup Fam!

This week was super great!!! With the Navidad coming up we are super excited here in the mission! Things are going super well! We had a few actividies this week in the community with Christmas and they went super well! Also we had an acctivity in our ward, and we had 9 investigators show up!!! It was such a great Christmas miracle! We are still working hard and praying for a christmas baptism and that here in the misison we can have a white christmas full of people making convenants with the Lord!

Challenge of the week. read luke 2 and think about how the birth of our Savior has blessed your life and share it with someone!!! Love you all, and may you all have a wonderful week full of the spirit of Christ! Remember that He is the true gift and the reason for Christmas :):)

 Well that is all for this week, because we will be talking next week! I Love you all!

Elder Stuart

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I saw a member from Cipo here in Neuquen! Hermano Castro!

Elder Grondel ,(me), Elder Jensen! Zone Leaders from Plottier came for intercambios!

Limay graffiti, it was super windy! 

LeBaron driving for the first time here in Argentina!

Monday, December 12, 2016


We made wings last P-day and they were delicious!!

A Super Busy But Great Week!!

Buen Día Familia!

This week was another super good week! We are getting closer and closer with that lady named Vicky!!! Yesterday we went to their house and we were talking with her sons maxi and lucas when she walked in and told us she didnt feel very well so we offered to give her a blessing. It was one of the most spiritual blessings i have ever been a part of. I know that her heart is opening up a little bit at a time! After the blessing we just looked at her and said, bueno when you want to get baptized just let us know and we will set it all up! haha we were super direct with her because she is already prepared and she has been for a long time. And whenever we talked about baptism before she always just said that she was never getting baptized, but this time she said that she would let us know!! Im super stoked for her! 

Its been a super busy but great week!! I love this work! Have a great week everyone! :) 

Elder Stuart

Monday, December 5, 2016


Dad should be proud. i built a brick wall :) hahah! this is from a service we did! 

Light the World

Buen día familia! 

This week went super well! we are super excited with this focus that we have here in the mission with the Christmas season of Light the World! This week we had a lot of time to be in our own area and get to work. We found many people that we were able to teach. we were also able to do a lot of service, big or small, for the people in our area and we feel super good about what is happening right now! We had a super cool experience with that same family that brought their grandkid and friends to church, we were able to go visit them and we met a lady named Vicky who is the daughter of the Grandma. She has heard the missionaries for a long time, and we left her when i got here. But she came in and sat down and started asking a lot of questions, especially about her dad who had passed away. We were able to testify to her about the plan of salvation and how she could be with him forever and return to him if she follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is amazing to see how the plan that God has given to us can bring light to whatever situation we are going through. We are still working with her, but she said that she will start listening again. The Lord is blessing us every day :) I love this work.

love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Stuart