Monday, October 31, 2016


1-3 The flood!!!!

4 The flood part 2!!! This was at the begging right outside the office when it wasnt too bad yet.

5-6 Baptism of Joaquin and Natalia!!

Baptism Miracles

Buen Día familia!!

This week was a super great week!!!!! haha last pday when i said it was raining pretty bad. Well it rained really bad. Almost all of Neuquén got flooded and all the streets basically were rivers. Not even kidding. In the streets it was up to our knees and our waist in some parts. we had to go help an hermana get all of her stuff out of her house and it was super crazy. Then we just had to go to the pension because it was too dangerous to be outside. I have never seen so much water in my life!

Also more importantly, Joaquin and his mom Natalia got baptized! Joaquin is 12 years old and he started to come to church and also play soocer with us on p-days, i got to know him pretty well. The hermanas started to teach him and the week before his baptism his mom came to church with him to see what he was getting himself into. She loved it and said she wanted to be baptized as well! I had the blessing of being able to baptize both of them! So we were able to see how the Lord really does work miracles in the lives of people if we just keep trying. It was amazing to see this family grow and get to the waters of baptism and recieve the eternal blessings that God has prepared for us!

Things are going great here! I love the work more than ever and we are going to keep going forward with faith! Sorry its short this week, i hope you all have a great week!

Elder Stuart

Monday, October 24, 2016


Last p-day

We went to a city named Roca for a zone training!

Me and Lloyd with the argentina jerseys!

Me, Elder Clemens, Elder Lloyd, and Elder Ortiz!  

Faith Gives Us Power TO DO!

Buen día familia!

This week was super good! we had the leadership council this week and it was amazing! We talked a lot about the faith. The thing that stuck out most to me this week about the faith is in Moroni 7:33 "And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me."

The part that i like the most is when the Lord says that we shall have the power TO DO! Faith is directly connected with our acciones. That is something that i have learned so much in the mission, that faith does not come from one event but from continuously living the gospel with obedience every day. Because as we do that, we grow in our knowledge and trust in the Savior, which leads us to have faith that He will help us in all things.

This week we were able to put that into practice. There was an investigator that the Elderes had left a few months ago, that was progressing really well, but then they couldnt find him for the longest time so they dropped him. We felt like we needed to go by there this week so we did. And he was so happy to see us! He has been wanting to start reading and praying again, but just didnt know how to start. So We were able to help him with that, and now he is preparing to be baptized! We were able to use our faith and trust in those promptings of the spirit, and God lead us to where we needed to be!

On the funny side, it was raining a lot this week. I mean a lot. Hahaha i have never ran so much in the rain in my whole life! We had to run home one night or we were going to be late, and it was just funny to think that we are two teenagers running through the rain in suits. hahaha it was great :)

Love you all!!!

Elder Stuart

Monday, October 17, 2016


1 - Well if anyone knows me, sometimes I just random bloody noses when the seasons change... so yeah that happened! luckily my comp has allergies and had tissues! good way to start talking with people! ;) 

2 - MTC group back together again! Elder Lloyd and Elder Bliss!

3 - freaking huge Rubix cube that Elder Lloyd taught me to solve last pday. dope

Intercambios con Elder Bliss

This week was great! hahah as always! We had a really cool experience the other day! I was on intercambios with the zone leaders of villa regina, and i was with ELder Bliss!! We were here working in our area and we were trying to find a reference that we had gotten, we went to what we thought was the house and we knocked and an older lady came out. She wasnt the reference that we were looking for, but she said that her mother was a member and when she was younger she went to church a few times! she was really excited and said that after the lesson she felt something really special again, just like she did when her mom was with her. It was such a cool experience and something that i have really been learning in these weeks, is that if we are really desirous to find people to teach we will be lead to those that are ready to receive the blessings of the Lord!

Thank you all for the support! i love you all! have a great week!

Elder Stuart

Monday, October 10, 2016


Playing pool on pday!
1 - Me, Elder Madruga, Elder Clemens, Elder Lloyd, Elder Ortiz
2 - Me
3 - Elder Ortiz y Clemens

4 - and a nice hot dog stand here in Neuquen!! haha

Buen Dia Familia!

Buen dia familia!

this week was really great! We were able to send home some great missionaries and get some new ones that are super ready to work! We are excited for this new transfer! This week was really full of miracles. Me and my comp were walking the other day when we passed two ladies outside doing some yardwork, we had passed them like three times in these weeks and they are always working on something and we always ask if we can help but they said no. But this week we werent going to let the opportunity go bye. So we just walked over and basically just grabbed a shovel and asked if we could help! They finally let us help them and we began to dig a hole so that we could put a fence up. It was a lot of fun and we got a few days of work done for them in an hour. Then when we finished we had a lesson with them and it went really well and was super spiritual. It was amazing to see how the Lord puts people in our path if we are just willing to take the initiative and go after it! 

Love you all! Thanks for all the support in this time of my life. Have a wonderful week! 

Love, Elder Stuart

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Photos from President Casariego's Facebook

From Elder Stuart's Mom : Found all of these on Facebook from President Casariego. Thought you might enjoy them.

The first picture is from one of those 5 second videos of them dancing so I took a screen shot. The second is from a video Sister Casariego does when missionaries leave. The rest are from coming and going missionaries. ENJOY!"

Photo from Sister Larson's Mom

Elder Stuart's Mom received the following text:

"Hi there 😊
My name is Julie Larson. We are in Argentina picking up our daughter from her mission. We had the opportunity to meet your son at the mission home in Neuqúen. He's healthy, happy and such a great guy! He's very attentive to details and a great missionary. He loves and misses you!!"

With the following photo:

Monday, October 3, 2016


1 We went out to eat on P-day for Elder Madrug´s birthday! 

2 Then we got tired... haha!

Guess who is in the office now!  (Elder Thomas Lloyd, MTC Companion. He is now an Office Elder)

Following the Spirit

Buen dia familia!
So this next week is transfers so monday we will be sending off misionaries and getting new ones so our P-day is today! haha its kinda weird having it on a friday, but its still good!

We had a pretty cool experience this week, President has a new focus that we just need to talk with everyone, as long as the spirit guides us to them. And me and Elder Clemens decided to do just that. We went out and started heading to an appointment that we had, and on the way we just talked to those that we felt impressed to talk with. We ended up finding 4 new families/investigators that we are going to start teaching! So that was pretty cool to see that following the guidance of our President we were able to find new people! I hope we can go find them again and help them learn more about the gospel! 

That is all for this week! Love you all! Have a great week!!

Elder Stuart