Monday, March 28, 2016


We went for a hike last Pday :)


Chos Malal!

This week was great here in Chos Malal! We are continuing to see the Lord work in marvelous ways. I love this work! This week we met a man named Roman, we met him on tuesday and talk with him a little about the Restoration. He loved it! We them went back a couple days later to see how he was doing and he was sitting outside reading the folleta!! It was so cool! He was really excited about it, because he said that he has been to a million churches and they all have ¨problems¨and he said he wanted to come to our church to see if it had problems as well. Hahah! And he came sunday!! After the meeting he said he loved it, and he would like to start learning more about it to see if it is something that he would like to join! It was a really cool miracles that we saw this week :) also Norma and Jessica are bothing getting their papers for marrige filled out with their ¨husbands¨and we plan to have their baptism in a couple of weeks! They are progressing well! Things are great here in Chos Malal :)

Funny thing this week.... but not so funny. We decided to do a Group activity saturday night for Easter, us misionarys got it all set up and everything, we should up at 630 when it started... and nobody was there. But we thought öh its ok, argentines are always late. Nope. not this time. Nobody came!!! It was so sad. But then one of the other elders investigadores walked past and we hurried and stopped her and had a lesson with her, so at least we got something out of it. haha!

Things are great! I love it here :) I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Stuart

Monday, March 21, 2016


Mojar la cara!!!! :) (Wet the face).  i succesfully did it :) they had to choose me! Haha

Ride to Rincon... sike im really in utah! (haha it looks so much like utah here!)
Elder Nielson, Me, and Elder Juarez my district leader.

(hashtag(no hay on this keyboard....jaja)MIRACLES

This week was amazing!! First off we had zone conference on tuesday in a place called Rincon, it is about four hours away. Our leader of the group took us in his van.... it was four hours.. almost all dirt roads.. super bumpy, and no fourwheel drive... basically it was like a four hour ride on the ¨white rollercoaster¨.... hahah and then four hours coming back! So that was definitely an adventure! It was also early in the morning so say goodbye to trying to sleep on the way there or the way back!! jaja but it was so worth it because the conference was so good! We really focused on the importance of members and how we NEED to use them! We also talked about ¨getting our faces wet!¨Like my one letter about getting your feet wet, but going all out... lets just say pictures are coming of that... :) haha!
Miracle time, this week on monday night and was super late we had like 45 left until we returned and we were pretty far away, but we decided to go visit one last investigator that lived even further away. DOnt ask why, we are just crazy :) haha but really. We were being guided by the spirit. We went to Norma and we got there and they were getting ready to go to Neuquen. SHe is an investigator that was been with the missionaries for a while, but cant progress because has cancer and cant leave the house or get married because of it. They were going to nequeun to see the results of the last test, we decided to give her a blessing. The spirit was so strong and it was an amazing experience. Then we had to run home! haha but miracle isnt over... two days later we got a text and she said all the results came back super well and the cancer is basically gone!!!!!Such a miracle! She came to church this week with her daughter in law and they are now preparing to get married and get baptized. It was such a miracle!!! Fa i love this work!!!!! The Lord really is hastening his work :)
it was an amazing week. I love you all. I love this work so much. I hope you all had a good week and have an amazing week this week. Keep your eyes out for the Lords hand in your life, because it is ALWAYS there!! Love you all!!
Elder Stuart
ps. obama is coming to bariloche so that should be interesting!

Monday, March 14, 2016


0&1 - Saying bye to Elder Elwood and Hello to Elder Nielson

2 - Also a Minions tienda here!! It is cool :)

3 - Making Ñioquis! (Joy Gibb, these always remind me of you!)

4&5 - See that mountian in the distance, yeah it has snow!!! First time seeing it... from a distance.. a long distance.. in like 7 months!

6-8  - Our pension is so nice because we stole it from the hermanas!!

Chos malal!!!!!

Bueno. This week on my way to chos malal i thought that my comp was already there, but he ended up getting on the bus (which was 12 hours....) about half way through and he thought i was there. Turns out we were thrown into a white wash and nobody told us! We got to our area about two in the morning and only had a few notes from the Hermanas (yes we kicked out some hermanas and stole their pension ;)haha) We then looked through some of the area book real fast, and went to sleep with those names in our head. 4 hours later... haha we got to get up and get going! The zone leaders called us and gave us a challenge to have 21 lessons this week.... that is very difficult, even when you have investigators to teach. And we didnt! They told us to just try and teach people on their door step or get in for a short lesson. So we took the challenge to the Lord and asked for help. We started going, and holy cow the lord really answers prayers. The people here are so happy and nice, that we were able to start teaching people in their doorstep a quick little lesson. We got to Sunday night and it was 8:30, we had 20 lessons and thrity minutes. We had spent the last two hours looking for someone to teach but everyone was just rejecting us. We decided to say a quick prayer. We started walking down the street, and we saw this lady we had contacted the first day here, she was sitting outside alone, and called us over. we sat down, and she started to tell us that two people she knows had died this week (was that right english? haha) and so we were able to have an amazing quick lesson with her about the plan of salvation. She was so happy and said it really helped her. I can testify that the Lord answers our prayers and after we have done all we can do, we pray and ask for help and guidance, he will lead and guide us to were we need to go and what we need to do. Through the grace of our Savior we can see miracles. 2 Nephi 25:23, we know that it is through Christ that we can be saved and see miracles after we have done all that we can do. I love this work and I love my Savior so much.
Some interesting facts now!
We are in a group here in Chos, we have about 20 members... max.. and meet in a little rented place they have. Our leader de group has been a member for 6 months! haha he is such a Capo! He was able to recieve the Melchezidek preiesthood yesterday as well so that was really cool! This area is amazing, and i love it, and there are actually mountains!!!
Love you all. thanks for your support, and have a great week!!!
Elder Stuart

Monday, March 7, 2016


A few pics from the baptism :)


Welll... Im outta here! Headed from Godoy to Chos Malal! I am so excited for this new oportunity that i have to serve the Lord in Chos Malal (it is in the north part of our mission, the very tip. I leave here at 1 in the afternoon and should get there about 11 at night! ) I am so excited!!! I am going to miss the people that i ahve met and grown to love here, but i am excited for the oportunity now to go help others come untio christ and grow myself. 
Also Matias got Baptized!!!!! I am so happy that i was here to be apart of this change that he has made in his life! He went from a not so great kid to one of the best converts i have ever met. When he came out of the water he couldnt stop smiling and when we got out of the font he asked if he could go back in because he felt so good, so clean, and so free. It was AMAZING!!!! He also bore his testimony the next day in sacrament meeting! and it was such a powerful testimony! I am going to miss him.
Not much time today, but all is well. I love the mission. and i love my Savior. I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!!
Elder Stuart

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


That awkard moment when it is cold in the morning so you put on a sweater and leave to work and when you get to your area it gets to be 100 degrees again and you are stuck in a sweater.... well we rocked them. So its cool. hahah

Perfect day for First Vision pictures. hahah! 

"Faith Leads to Power"

This week was amazing! We got to watch a broadcast with Elder Bednar who came and talked with all the missions in the South America South area! It was so cool to see and I learned so much! He taught us a lot about the Faith and how we can better apply it in our mission and in our lives and the lives of our investigators. He emphazied how faith leads to power. He taught us that in our prayers we could pray for hours and never recieve what we want becuase we are not acting. We need to act to recieve the power, we dont recieve the power to act. I loved it!! I have also seen this in the life of my investigators. Our investigator Matias taught me this same thing. The other day we were with him and he was talking to us and told us that whenever he wants to smoke he prays and then something comes to his mind that he has to do and it takes his mind off of it. That really is an example of what Elder Bednar taught us. Matias showed his faith by praying and then acting and has recieved a huge blessing and that is the ability to stop smoking. He is progressing so well and came to church again! We have his baptism set up for this week so i should be here because this is the last week before transfers and i think i will go! I am glad that he has made this decision to come closer to Christ and that I will be here and have been here to see the change that it has made in him. I love this work and i love this gospel. It is amazing what it does to the lives of anyone who will acept it. I know that the power of Prayer can help us accomplish anything we set our mind to. Just like in Moroni where we learn that anything we ask in prayer with faith believing that we will recieve (and act on that) we will recieve. I love prayer. It can help us so much and bring us closer to our father in heaven. I have seen how just a few simple prayers daily can change the life of someone, because it has changed me and brought me closer to my Father and Saviour as well. I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!
Elder Stuart