Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Elder Ramirez left the office (Elders Stuart, Ramirez, Ortiz)

Me and a new elder, Elder Machuca, who is from Guatemala and Jonny was in his branch there! Pretty cool!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Prepare for General Conference!

Whats up family!?

This week was great! The investigator that i talked about that the members wanted us to go to their house to teach him, Rigoberto, came to church this week!! He is doing super well and is reading the book of mormon and praying a lot. the family that lives next to him really is helping us a lot and doing a good work with keeping him reading and praying! It is awesome because we passed by to go visit him one day and when we got to the door we could hear music coming from inside, and he was listening to hymns!! He is doing great and progressing well, and he is super excited for the conference this week! I hope you all are getting ready to hear the words of the Lords living prophets and apostles. I hope we can all prepare ourselves and have questions ready to be answered. This week is going to be great! Thank you all for everything! Love you all!

Elder Stuart

Monday, March 20, 2017


Me and Elder Lloyd! He is heading out of the office.

Blessed in the Work!

Buen Dia!!!

Well... here we go for my sixth transfer here as AP! [He has 3 more transfers left!] I'm staying, and i am super excited because we are getting ready for the visit of President Nelson! I am so greatful for the opportunity that the Lord is giving me to help in this great work. This week was great, it is amazing to see the way that the Lord helps us when we work with diligence and obedience. This week we saw the miracle that this week, we had three diferent members come up to us and tell us we had to go to their house to teach some of their friends! We have been trying to find more people to teach and it was amaizng how the Lord blessed us with the hellp of the members to find some great people to teach. 

Pablo and Claudia are doing great! they came to church again this week! and Nestor who is a member and the brother in law of pablo brought them and it was amazing because he hasnt come in a long time and since ive been here he has been trying to get the faith to pay his tithing, and during church he looked at us and pulled out a tithing slip and payed his tithing!! so it was great to see how he is now reactivating, and pablo and claudia just need to get married and then baptized!

Things are going well! I hope you are all well! Love you all!

Elder Stuart 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


1 - One of our investigatores has horses :) they are pretty dope.

2&3 - I love PBandJ!!!! good night snack. Elders Stuart and Ortiz!

4 - Our first meeting with our new ward mission leader Jorge!

Promises of the Lord

Hola familia! This week was great! we have been working really hard on trusting on the promises of the Lord and having faith in that! i love John 4:35. :) im not gonna say what it is so you can look it up and read the scriptures today everyone ;) but it is a promise that is so true, we just need to look like the Lord does, keep working and he will give us the success that we need, not always what we want, but just what we need. We found a new/old investigator this week. His name is Martin and he had talked with the missionaries before and had gone to church a couple of times, and we found him in the house of a recient convert and started to teach him! Pray for him that he can have the desires to take the step of baptism soon!! The Lord really is blessing us here. :)

Love you all :)

Elder Stuart

Monday, March 13, 2017

Exciting News for April!

Hola Familia!

Not much to write about this week, we were finishing up the conferences up here in valley, and it went super well. we are trying to find the way to help the missionaries increasae their faith and attitude so that we can find the success that the Lord has prepared for us. We are super excited becasue we have President Nelson coming to visit our misison in April!!! So we are super excited trying to prepare for that! It is going to be amazing!!!

Something we have learned this week with President. Alma 26:27. Many times in our lives we will find ourselves discouraged with something that has happened, or not achieving what we want. The Lord will seldom just take away the adversity or hardships, but rather help us increase our faith and confidence in Him and His atoning sacrifice. i think it is very significant that in the Guide to the Scriptures under the word "Endure" the first word it sends you to as a comparison is "adversity". We must pass through hard times to be able to apply the atonement in our lives but we need to have the same faith as Ammon and the Sons of Mosiah and know that the Lord " Will give unto (us) success."  He will always be there to help us fufill what we need. He lives, and knows us personally, and will help us become the Children He needs us to be.

Love you all. :) This is the work of the Lord, and i am so greatful to be a part of it.

Elder Stuart

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Pictures from the week they travelled down to Bariloche for training by Area President, Elder Teixeira!

Look for the Miracles of Every Day

Hello Fam!

This week was super great! We finished up the conferences in the south and made our way back to Neuquén! Things are going super well, we finally got back with the Familia Melo, and they are doing good. You can tell that their honeymoon took out a little of the excitement to get baptized... but they said they would pray to see if they need to be baptized this coming week. Please pray for them to recieve their answer! They are so great! We also had a miracle happen on Saturday, we were walking along and i took a Book of Mormon out of my bag to show Elder Ortiz something and then we saw a man working in his car and we asked if he needed help and he just said ¨no, but is that the book of mormon you are carrying?" we were so surprised and he told us he found one one time and started reading and really liked it, but had never talked to missionaries. His name is carlos and we have a cita with him this week!! We hope he keeps progressing!! Things are going well and we are seeing many miracles in our mission right now! i love it! All is well and i hope you are all doing well and know i pray for you all every day! Have a wonderful week and look for the miracles of every day!

Elder Stuart