Monday, February 22, 2016


hahah sorry for all the photos! (But we LOVE all the photos, right?)

We went to a fruit factory.. it was pretty cool! And they gave us a but load of fruit! 

Bored waiting for the bus.. Elder Elwood doesnt like pictures. 

attacking the chicken! (YUCK!)


Hola! This week i have learned a lot of things! First. If you are going to give lunch to the missionaries for them to cook... give them something easy.... not just a full raw chicken. hahaha this week that happened to us! A family couldnt have lunch with us so the night before they just gave us this chicken to cook. We dont have an oven so we couldnt cook it like that... so Elder Elwood just looked at me and said ´well i guess we arent eating tomorrow!!¨hahaha it was so funny, but we ended up making something and it was actually delecious... kinda.. haha! But that was a skill that we learned this week! THis week i have also learned a lot about service. We have been in kind of a slow patch here in Godoy trying to find new people to teach and help them along. We decided to change up our methods, because if something isnt working you need to change it until it does. So we decided to look for more ways to do service this week. And it worked so well!! Matias is now progressing so much better because we went and helped him with some things he was building and cleaning up in his yard and we just created a bond and he opened up even more with us. We were just trying to do service where ever we could and we found a lot of people through that! When they see that we are normal people and that we are here to help and not just talk about Christ, they are more willing to open up and let us talk about Christ becuase they feel more comfortable. Makes me think of what we learn in Mosiah 2 how when we are in the service of our fellow beigns we are only in the service of our God. It is so true!! Go out and do some service this week! It is great!
Also this week i feel like all the other churches had a ¨bash the Mormons about Joseph Smith´week. Because we had more people than ever talking bad about him and yelling at us and stuff like that. I just want to testify to you all that I KNOW that he was and is a Prophet of God. Just like it says in Doctirne and Convenants. He did more for mankind than any other person save Jesus Christ himself. I am so greatful for Joseph Smith and all that he did for us and all we have today becuase he was brave and humble enough to fall on his knees and ask God. Now we have the book of Mormon and i can learn more about my Savior and how i can be more like Him. I am so greatful for that. I will defend him, and my Savior forever. (rant of the week over. haha) 
I love this gospel. I love my Savior. I know this is the truth and it can change lifes. Have a great week everyone. I love you all!!!!
Elder Stuart

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Six month mark=I bought fruit loops :)


Wow i cant believe that i have already passed the six month mark! Time is going by way fast! This week was so good!!!! We were walking down the street and an old investigator that i was teaching with Elder Rose, but we dropped, passed us and told us to come by his house sometime. His name is Matias and is 18, when we were teaching him he told us he really didnt believe in God but just liked talking with us to be friends, so we just bore testimony and told him to pray and ask and if he needed anything to just ask. Well he did this week! We went to his house and he said he prayed and got an answer, he said when he was praying he felt an overwhelming feeling of love and peace and he knows that God is there now!! The power of prayer is so strong!!!!! It was such a miracle! He now wants to change his life around and be baptized! He even came to church this sunday so that was a miracle! It was amazing to see how such a little things, as one little short prayer with our father in heaven changed his life forever. Such a miracle. It makes me think of Alma 37:37, we should pray in everything we do!
Things are so great here, the people are amazing, and i have seen that when we push through our trials the Lord will bless us in ways we never thought. I never thought this would be the investigator that started to progress so fast, but God knows us all personally and has a plan for each and everyone of us. And if we never give up and trust in him, we can find that plan. Goes to show that getting your feet wet really works!! ;) haha I hope you all had a great week, and have an even better one this week full of the love and spirit of our Heavenly Father. 
Elder Stuart

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


A little taste of home #trippledeckersandwhich

From Elder Stuart's mom: "I was able to send the peanut butter and jam to Ryan through a guy in my daughter, Liz's, single's ward.  He is from Argentina and was vacationing in Neuquén between Christmas and New Years!  Glad he is enjoying it!"

Get Your Feet Wet!

Hola familia y amigos!
Well yesterday was Carnaval, a big festival here in Argentina and so none of the shops were open to use computers, so we get to write today!
This week was a little rough. Me and my comp have been working so hard with some great investigators, but they still dont come to church.... that makes me so sad because they cant recieve the blessings that the Lord has prepared for them. I was getting pretty down on myself for not having success with this for some weeks now, things seem to be slowing and investigators are dropping, and nobody is opening the door. We even were contacting one day, and two hours of nobody even opening the door!! The just didnt come, or opened the blinds and shook their finger. It was rough. BUT then i was reading the Story of the brother of Jared again, and how he emphanzises (did i spell that right hahaha) how success and miracles always come AFTER the test of our faith, also in Joshua were it talks about the israelites that are carrying the ark of the covenant and have to cross a river, they decided to just start walking and right as they get their feet wet the water splits and they are able to cross on dry ground. Moral of these stories is sometimes we have to get our feet wet before the miracles come. I know the Lord will bless each and everyone of us if we pressforward with faith. We saw this literally becuase after that really rough day, the next day was raining and Godoy is all dirt roads so it was all mud. I thought, well nobody is going to answer, lets just do some studies until the storm passes or something. THen i remembered. "Get your feet wet" this time it was literal. hahah we went out and the first door we knocked let us in and now we have three new investigators we are teaching. It was such a miracle.  The Lord knows us better than we do, he has his timing, just keep going, get your feet wet and see miracles.
I love this work. I have seen the Lord change peoples lives. I love you all and hope you have a great week, and go get your feet wet! .)
Elder Stuart

Monday, February 1, 2016


The zone

And I decided to teach Elder Elwood a few things... :)

Parkor Leads to Lessons

Well it has been a good week! Things are going pretty well with Elder Elwood! We had a pretty fun experience this week! We were walking by the plaza and there were some kids doing ¨parkor¨ hahah just some cartwheels and basic stuff like that. So i told Elder Elwood that we should go over there, we did and I made them a deal. If I did some tricks then we got to teach them something about God. They said yes thinking i was a stupid gringo, hahaha I am, and then so I did some things and they got really excited and then we had a great lesson with like 8 kids from 9-18 years old about God and Christ and Baptism! It was a great way to find some new people and we are going back tomorrow to see what we can do with them!!
We also had an experience that made me really think. We ran into a lady that didnt believe in God. We started talking with her and she just kept shutting us down. I decided I would just bare my testimony to her, so I did, and honestly I have only felt the spirit like that a couple of times. Then when i finished she had tears in her eyes, then after a couple seconds she got herself together and continued to bash us telling us it wasnt true. It was so sad to see that people are so taken by Satan that they wont see the light. I know she felt something and I am hoping it will start to Change her.
I know my Heavenly Father lives and loves each and everyone of us personally just like our fathers on earth. I know he is there and i have felt his overwhelming love many times. If we just pray sincerly and ask, he will give us an answer to all the questions and we will feel him there. I love you all!! Have a great week!!
Elder Stuart