Tuesday, July 26, 2016


My Zone :)

Me and my comps :) Elder Nochreiner and Elder McCook

We had a pollo al disco today!


"Why Do We Fall Bruce?"

Hola todos!

This week was great as always! We are seeing many great things here in Cipo! We have a lot of great investigators that we are working with, we just are stuck on a few with one final step to help them be baptized! We have a lot that are there and ready they just need to take the decision! Its awesome :)

This week i have been learning a lot about how we must fall so that Christ can raise us up. That is why we had the fall of Adam, so that Christ could come in and pick us up. I love the scripture in 2 corinthians 12:9 (y 10) that talks about how the grace of Christ has its power in weakness. Or when we recognize that we have faults and need help, he is able to interpose and fill in the gap and make us into a better person. It is the only way to become like Him. We must fall, apply the atoning sacrifice of our Savior and He will lift us up. 

Like in Batman when Alfred asks bruce...¨why do we fall Bruce?¨.... ¨so we can pick ourselves back up.¨As we pick ourselves up in the Grace of Christ we will become more like Him.

Yes im still a nerd :)

Love you all! Have a great week everyone!

Elder Stuart

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Elder McCook, Me, and Elder Nochreiner

The baptism of my gran amigo, Guillermo :)

Trio in Cipo

This week was great! Working in a trio is actually really fun! You always have something to talk about and more ideas! This week was really good because we had new missionaries here in Cipo and that means, new energy and it was amazing to see what the zone was able to do this week! Also we have two new missionaries and so we had their animo as well! It is amazing to see that it is all in our heads, if we are excited and believe that we can do it. we will do it. If we are down and dont put our trust in God and in our abilities we wont get anywhere. The mind is really powerful and as we put our focus centered in Christ we will be able to accomplish great things :)

Also something that i have really been learning in my time here in Cipo is the importance of Love and Charity. As we serve others and look for the best in them and for them, we will be able to help more people to come unto Christ. If we are simply trying to push and force people to do something it will never work. Just like Christ taught us, ¨come unto me.¨He invites us with open loving arms to come unto him and be perfected and as we try and do that with our brothers and sisters they will be more apt to come unto Christ and recieve the grace that comes from his atonement :) 

I love you all! have a wonderful week, work hard, and love a lot. :) 

Elder Stuart

Monday, July 11, 2016


Bautismal :)  Bruma and Eluney

Hamburgers for the 4th of july! 

Me and one of the kids in the ward!

9 de Julio is the independence day of Argentina so we had an asado y fiesta!


This week we saw a lot of miracles happen. We have had quite a bit of problems in the zone this last transfer and we had to fight through it, but we saw that it was really a trial of our faith and at the end of the transfer we got to see that almost every companionship in our zone had at least one baptism! It was awesome to see the miracles that come when we keep going strong! Bruma and Eluney got baptized in our area, the two girls of the part member family and it was really cool to see because their family started to come and are more active now! It was amazing :)

We had transfers yesterday! and i will be staying here in Cipo!!!! Elder McCook is going to stay with me for the last two weeks of his mission, because he extended, and we are going to be in a trio with Elder Nochreiner from California! We are excited to see these new changes and see what we will be able to do this transfer! 

(Note from Mom: Now they have 5 Elders living in their little pension! They hope to be back to just the trio by the end of the week. Ryan will be training his new companion to be a zone leader with him!)

Todo bien here in Cipo! I love the mission, this ward, the people, everything! i am so happy and things are going great :) I know the Lord is always on our side and is there to help us right after we learn the lesson that we need. Keep going strong in what ever challenge you face in life because the Lord will help you if you let him! Love you all! have a great week!

Elder Stuart

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


after running a few kilometers in the morning, me and my comp made a huge omelte!

The wedding of someone from our ward! (hashtag)muchosreferencias!

me, elder mccook, peter, his wife, hna maldonado, hna pimentel

Leap of Faith

This week was really good! We learned a great lesson this week... sometimes you have to jump out of an airplane without a parachute and trust that God will catch you. Or... take a leap of faith ;) haha! In our area we have seen a lot of progression but nobody is making it to baptism for this reason or that. and so this week we decided to take a leap of faith and be direct with the people that we are teaching and their families and trust that God is going to give us the authority to do so. And it works! when we do what Jacob says in chapter 4 and we tell them how it is, then just like moroni teaches us, that authority and pure love of Christ will touch the hearts of the children of men. One of the many experiences that we had, was we went to a house of a part member family and we are teaching the grandaughters of this grandma, but their dad isnt a member and didnt give us permission to baptize them even though it is something that they want to do. But for some reason we went there yesterday and he basically told us to baptize them this saturday and he doesnt have a problem now that saturday we started to think about it and changed his mind and thought it would be good for his daughters :) IT WAS AMAZING!!! when we trust in God and we act in our faith he is so wiling to bless us!! I invite all of you to try it! jump out of the airplane!!! .... well not literally... but act in your faith and God will bless you! 

haha and now the funny part! The elders here in cipo are moving pensiones and so they are staying with us for a couple days while everything gets moved in. Lets just say we have four elders living in a penison that is small and it gets interesting at times! it has been fun to get to know them better!

I love you all and i am glad to hear that all is well :) have a wonderful week everyone!

Elder Stuart