Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Conference and Interviews with Elder Teixeira!

Us with President and the Hermana! Bariloche!

Elder Teixeira & Miracles

Hola Familia!!!

This week was amazing. This truly is thework of the Lord. this week we went down to Bariloche to prepare for Elder Teixeira (our area President) who came Friday to have a conference with us. While we were there we went to work with the missionaries with the investigators that they had that had gone to church and were progressing but just werent getting to baptism. They had one person that was going to get baptized that weekend. But then the Miracles happened. We taught this family and a very long story short they called the missionaries the next day and wanted to get baptized, it was amazing to see how the work of those missionaries helped this family out so much and we were able to give them the last push they needed and now they are baptized members of the church of Jesus Christ :) It was amazing. at the end of the week Bariloche had 5 baptisms. It was such a Miracle. The Lords hand really was here with us. Then we had wamazing conference with the Elder Teixeira and all the Zone Leaders and Hermana Leaders. It was an amazing conference and i learned so much. I am so proud to be a missionary at this time of this great work! Things are advancing and we are seeing a lot of miracles in the mission, seeing things happen that have never been done. The Lord is blessing us. This is His work and His glory. i know that without a doubt :) Love you all! thanks for all your support! have a great week!!

Elder Stuart

Monday, February 13, 2017


1-3 PIng pong on pday! getting ready to destroy mom ;) 

4 - Dante came to say hi!

5-6 Melo got married!!!

7 - Benita got baptized! 

Buen Día

Buen Día Familia!

This week was super good!! We had transfers this week so that was pretty crazy. We had 7 missionaries go home this week and we got 12 so we are growing still! That is jone of my favorite things is to see and hear the testimonies of the fieles as they leave and see how much they have grown and then see the newbies with their huge desire to learn and grown and be the best missionaries that they can be! It is incredible to see this every few weeks! I love it!

Also THE MELO FAMILY GOT MARRIED!!!!! Unfortunately his job gave him ten days of payed vacation and so they left on friday and werent able to get baptized, but they said when they get back they are going to do it! I am so happy for them :) I just hope they will keep reading and praying while they are on vacation so that they can keep that desire to get baptized!

This week it is off to Bariloche to prepare for Elder Teixeira who is coming to have a council with us on Friday!! I am super excited! :) Its gonna be a great week! hope you all are well and have a great week!!

Elder Stuart

Monday, February 6, 2017


1 - This one is for you lizzy! Esplin likes the NY Mets!

2 - Me and Ortiz reppin our Boca jerseys!

3 - Limay District :) Elders Newman, Stuart, Ortiz, Ramirez. Hermanas Little and Flores


Buen Dia!

Well today is my pday because we have transfers this next week! So yeah, thats fun. Im staying here again so here we go, transfer 5 in Limay! Things are going great. We had a super crazy week trying to finish all the transfers and get everything set up for next week! Things shouldnt be too crazy this next week because we only have 12 new missionaries coming in, so a little less crazy than the 29 from last time! haha! The family Melo is doing well! They are preparing for their wedding the 9th and baptism the 11th! so we are stoked for that! also the week after that Elder Teixeira (President of the Area) is coimng to our mission!! SO that is going to be super awesome! Im super excited to see what he brings for us. Things are going great! i love you all. Sorry i dont write a lot, but things are great! Just getting down to work. Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Stuart

oh and we made another wall. So im basically professional in this whole wall building buisness ;)