Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Exchanges in the South

Hola Familia!!

Sorry its late! This week was so cool! We went to the south to do exchanges with the Elderes and try and get things rolling. I was able to go to Esquel, Bariloche, and San Martin!! It was so cool!

Just one of the many experiences that i had, when i was in Esquel this week i went with Elder Heward, and we were trying to find new people for them to teach, and nothing was working out. So we decided to say a prayer and then we went to a members house. When we got there the sister of this member was there and told us that she has been interested in what the missionaries do but she was always emberassed to ask. We were able to teach her a little and she was really excited!! It was an awesome expeience to see how the Lord really listens to and answers our prayers!

That is all for this week! Love you all!!

Elder Stuart

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