Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Bune Día familia!

This week was super good :) we had a great week leading up to Christmas and it was a great time to give our testimonies about the Savior. We had a great conference with Presidente where he talked about how we need to change the paradigms(yes this is an english word :)) of the work and believe that we can achieve more and we will do it! It is so true on how we judge so quickly at first and that becomes stuck in our head and we dont see things or others how God intends for them to be seen. But if we can see with the Eye of Faith like it talks about in Ether 12:19 :) May we see things how God intends for them to be seen!

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and remembered the true meaning of this special day! Hope you all enjoyed your time with your families! Thanks for all your support for me. I love you all! :)

Elder Stuart

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