Monday, April 10, 2017

After All We Can Do, His Grace is Sufficient!

Well family, this week was super good!!! Pablo and Claudia got married!!!! and then Pablo got baptized this weekend! Claudia had to go to zapala for this weekend so she will be getting baptized the 22nd!! We are super excited and very greatful for the Lord for giving us this oportunity to work with such great people :) It was a rollercoaster of a week where the devil put a lot of speed bumps in our path but i know that just like it says in the scriptures after we do all we can do for the Lord, His grace is sufficient to help us accomplish our goals. my testimony on that has grown so much this week. I know that through the grace of Christ we can accomplish whatever thing that the Lord wants us to. I have no doubt that this is his work. We are super excited for the coming of President Nelson this week!!! It is going to be such a special visit for our mission! Things are great :) Love you all! have a great week!! And thank you all for the birthday wishes :)

Elder Stuart

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