Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Hey Family!!

Well it is transfers week again so my pday is today instead of monday. All is going well!!! .... So i am staying here for a 7th transfer! hahah things are going well and we are super excited. This weekend we have quite a few baptisms planned in the mission, and if they all get confirmed then we will have more baptisms in one month than we ever have had, and by a long way! we are super excited for that because we can see that the Lord really is advancing His work and we are able to see more of our brothers and sisters making covenants with Him :) Things are great, im excited for another transfer here to be able to do what i can to help the Lord in this great work. All is well!!!

Elder Stuart

ps. Pablo and Claudia are doing super good!!! They are amazing :)

Mom Note: Here is a little excerpt Ryan wrote to me:

I'm super excited to stay for another one (transfer). The mission is going great and it is making me stretch myself everyday. I learn so much with President and it is such a great experience to be here with him. I wont lie, it gets stressful sometimes with all the responsibility and tyring. but it is all worth it. It gives me a bigger chance to serve my Lord and have a bigger influence in his work. and I love that ☺   I doubt I will finish here, but I didnt think I would stay this transfer so you never know! I'm super excited and happy mom ☺   We are baptizing in our area, the mission is baptizing. It took a big trial of faith, and going through the refiners fire these past few months, but it has made me into who I need to be and I am greatful every day for that. I am seeing so many blessings and miracles and I love it.     

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