Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Well another transfer... and another change! I am staying here in Godoy and Elder Barrios is headed off to Bariloche. I am so grateful for the time that I got to be his companion. I learned so much and really learned that the Lord knows who and what we need in our life to help us grow into the people that he needs us to be. Now I am with Elder Elwood from Idaho. Another Gringo! haha gringos have their ups and downs. But i am way excited to work with elder Elwood and see what I can learn from him and what we can do together here in Godoy!
We had kind of a rough week. Juan and Antonia who came to church with us and were doing so good, their pastor came by their house and talked with them, and now they dont want to be baptized and are going back to their old church. That made me so sad. Because they were so close to opening the gate to a million blessings and because of a pastor they now cant recieve those blessings yet. We are going to try and see what we can do with them to help them see that this is the truth. On the bright side, we were teaching this lady this week and her daughter was there and didnt want to listen, but half way through the lesson she came and sat down and was really intereseted and so that was awesome! We are going to keep working our hardest to help her and our other investigators come to the waters of baptism!
Not much to write this week. But I know that this church is true. I know that it is only in the church of Jesus Christ that one day we will live with our families forever, and that makes me so happy! I am so happy to be a missionary in this day and see the Lord Hastening his work and seeing all the miracles that he does to help people recieve the gift of eternal life. I know that it is only through the grace and the atonement that we can be saved, and I am so grateful for the oportunity to preach his gospel. I love you all and hope you all have a great week and remember our Savior always!!!!!!
Elder Stuart

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