Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Great week!! Norma got baptized this week!!!! It was such a great experience because she has been waiting so long to be baptized (one year) and finally she was able to recieve the blessings that will come through this gospel :) It was amazing to see how happy she was when she came out of the water and then the next day when she got the gift of the Holy Ghost. It really makes everything worth it to see the change that this gospel makes in the life of others! I love this work!! 
Things are going great here in Chos Malal!! We are now working on new people to find and prepare to be baptized and slowly but surely we are building up the group here! It is awesome to see the Lords hand in the work. We really are seeing miracles everyday and we are going to keep trying as hard as we can to be able to continue to be the instuments that the Lord needs! 
Things are great. I love the mission and i hope you all know how much i love an appreciate everything that you all do for me! For the support and the love that you have all shown! I hope you all have a great week!!
Love, Elder Stuart

From Elder Stuart's Mom: I mentioned to Ryan in my email that his story of the font overflowing made a lot of people smile! This was his response:

"hahah the pool was so funny! we got there and everyone was upset and i just told them to put a smile on, clean it up, and we will laugh in two hours after the baptism! haha she is going to get dunked anyway so it doesnt matter! it made a good story! ;) "

You got to just love him and his positive attitude!!

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