Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Faith and Miracles

Well.. i talked with you guys yesterday so not much to say! I loved seeing you guys and knowing that all is well :)

This week i learned a lot about the trial of our faith just like it is taught to us in Ether 12. We all know that miracles dont come until after the trial of our faith. simple rihgt? but not that simple when you are in the middle of the trial. Here in CHos Malal i have felt like i have tried even harder to be the best that i can be. And we havent really seen to much success, BUT here is the trial of our faith. Me and my comp tried to stay positive like always and work harder and give even more, and we recieved an even greater testimony of this principle that the miracles do come, once we have become what the Lord needs us to be in that moment. This week we were working with the mother in law of our group leader who is a leader in another church and for eight months missionaries have been trying to talk with her, but she just fights and tells us we are wrong. But this week it all changed we were able to ask her for just thirty seconds to talk, after that short time the spirit touched her heart and she just started to cry and told us she knew the church is true and she is just tscared to leave her church after being a leader for twenty years. She is going to be baptized this saturday :) It truly is an amazing concept that after the trial of faith comes the miracle. ¨THE MIRACLES WILL COME ONCE WE HAVE BECOME WHAT THE LORD NEEDS US TO BE IN THAT MOMENT. Always remember that and keep moving forward :)

I love you all and cant thank you enough for your support to me while i am in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know He lives and is here to bless us with miracles as long as we have faith in his name. Faith is an amazing concept that we should all study more! Ether 12 :) Love you all!

Elder Stuart

Photos are taking a long time to send so I will try to send them later.

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