Monday, June 13, 2016


This week was great! working with the members is so much better! This week we found a part member family and we are now teaching three of the kids in that family and the girlfriend/almost wife of one of the sons! It is awesome to see because the whole family came to church on Sunday and now we are just working on some things with them and we will be seeing another eternal family soon! Church was incredible! haha i felt like i was back in utah there where so many people! we had about 130 asistence and when i got up to give my testimony i was speechless. It is so much different than chos malal! I love them both, the both have there ups and downs, but that was so cool to see so many members in one place! 

Miracle of the week: the hermanas in our ward called us and told us that they had a lesson planned with a man but their member that was going to go with them bailed, and they cant go alone, because he lives alone, so we got to go and teach him instead :) he has been coming to church for about a month and a half he loves everything but for some reason didnt want to be baptized yet. Mi and my comp didnt have anything planned, but we just followed the spirit and we asked questions and we were able to find out what was missing and help him, and we are now planning his baptism for this saturday :) it was such amiracle. it is amazing what happens when we follow the spirit, because at the same time the hermanas got to go to another investigator that really needed them in that moment. It is amazing to see that when we follow the spirit everything works out and the Lord knows what we need to do. Trust in him and he will direct thy paths :)

Great week! Love you all, and have a wonderful week!

Elder Stuart!

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