Monday, June 6, 2016


This week was awesome!! Really different, but i loved it and love this change here in Cipolletti!! I am learning so much especially from my comp and I am growing into the person that God needs from me. Here in Cipo the work is really different because there are like 130 members! haha so that was really werid! when i saw the chapel i thought i was in Utah again! haha it is much different than the 20 or so members in Chos! Elder Mccook is helping me learn how to work with the members better and i am learning a lot and seeing that really it is the way to do missionary work. We are working with one family that are all baptized but the little kid that is 10, because they were inactive for a while, and now they are reactivating and we are going to have the baptism of Maximo the 18!!! That is our plan :) we are working with many people, especially part member families, and teaching those that havent made it to the waters of baptism, it is really cool because we are strengthening the family and the members and we are also bringing other souls to Christ :) It is an amazing work. I love it :) Things are great! Im so happy and so excited! Funny story time. THis week i had to cut my hair and there always has been someone to do it... but in Cipo there isnt, and we didnt want to have to pay and we thought... well it cant be too hard to cut hair! SO we grabbed some siccors and my comp started to cut my hiar.... hahah lets just say we ended up having to go pay to fix it! hahah it was funny :) things are amazing! Love you all! have a great week!!!

Elder Stuart

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