Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trio in Cipo

This week was great! Working in a trio is actually really fun! You always have something to talk about and more ideas! This week was really good because we had new missionaries here in Cipo and that means, new energy and it was amazing to see what the zone was able to do this week! Also we have two new missionaries and so we had their animo as well! It is amazing to see that it is all in our heads, if we are excited and believe that we can do it. we will do it. If we are down and dont put our trust in God and in our abilities we wont get anywhere. The mind is really powerful and as we put our focus centered in Christ we will be able to accomplish great things :)

Also something that i have really been learning in my time here in Cipo is the importance of Love and Charity. As we serve others and look for the best in them and for them, we will be able to help more people to come unto Christ. If we are simply trying to push and force people to do something it will never work. Just like Christ taught us, ¨come unto me.¨He invites us with open loving arms to come unto him and be perfected and as we try and do that with our brothers and sisters they will be more apt to come unto Christ and recieve the grace that comes from his atonement :) 

I love you all! have a wonderful week, work hard, and love a lot. :) 

Elder Stuart

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