Monday, October 10, 2016

Buen Dia Familia!

Buen dia familia!

this week was really great! We were able to send home some great missionaries and get some new ones that are super ready to work! We are excited for this new transfer! This week was really full of miracles. Me and my comp were walking the other day when we passed two ladies outside doing some yardwork, we had passed them like three times in these weeks and they are always working on something and we always ask if we can help but they said no. But this week we werent going to let the opportunity go bye. So we just walked over and basically just grabbed a shovel and asked if we could help! They finally let us help them and we began to dig a hole so that we could put a fence up. It was a lot of fun and we got a few days of work done for them in an hour. Then when we finished we had a lesson with them and it went really well and was super spiritual. It was amazing to see how the Lord puts people in our path if we are just willing to take the initiative and go after it! 

Love you all! Thanks for all the support in this time of my life. Have a wonderful week! 

Love, Elder Stuart

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