Monday, January 16, 2017

Melo Family

Hola Familia!!!!!!!!!!

This week was an amazing week! One of the great experiences that we had this week was with the Melo Family. This week we had a super great lesson with them about the plan of salvation and how familys can live together for eternity if they are obedient to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. It was amazing to see how this knowledge they recieved lighted their faces and you could see a difference in the way they were. They were filled with a greater portion of the light of Christ and it was amazing to see how when people have an open heart and are willing to listen, that they begin to understand what this gospel will do for them personally. They committed to come to church adn they were really excited to come! But then here comes the trial of the faith... we were at church waiting for them to show up and the meeting started and they still werent there. We said a little prayer and went in to the meeting... and the Family Melo came walking in!!!!!! :) it was such a miracle and amazing to see how much they liked the church. We are so excited for this family and we hope to see more of the progression in the gospel through baptism soon! Please please please pray for them! Love you all!

Thanks for all the support you all give me :)

Elder Stuart

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