Monday, January 9, 2017

Open House Miracles

Hola Famila!!

This week was super good! We are finidng a lot of people to teach in these past few weeks! This week we had an open house in the church in our ward and it went really well! We didnt have too many people show up, but the people that did come were really a miracle. First off we had a man named Walter, he is working here for a few months to be able to provide for his family that lives in Buenos Aires. He said he is looking for something better and felt like this is what he has been missing in his life and what he needs to be able to provide for his family. We put a baptismal date for him and we are super excited to teach him!!! Then some recent converts brought one of their friends, Carmen, and she told us she had a lot of questions, we explained to her the restoration. and she said it made a lot of sense to her, we were also able to put a fecha with her and we are super excited aout that! The Lord really is blessing us a lot in our work here. It is amazing to see His hand in our lives every day and know that this is His work,, and he is here to bless us and help us if we trust in him. It has been a great week! I love you all!! 

Elder Stuart

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