Monday, February 13, 2017

Buen Día

Buen Día Familia!

This week was super good!! We had transfers this week so that was pretty crazy. We had 7 missionaries go home this week and we got 12 so we are growing still! That is jone of my favorite things is to see and hear the testimonies of the fieles as they leave and see how much they have grown and then see the newbies with their huge desire to learn and grown and be the best missionaries that they can be! It is incredible to see this every few weeks! I love it!

Also THE MELO FAMILY GOT MARRIED!!!!! Unfortunately his job gave him ten days of payed vacation and so they left on friday and werent able to get baptized, but they said when they get back they are going to do it! I am so happy for them :) I just hope they will keep reading and praying while they are on vacation so that they can keep that desire to get baptized!

This week it is off to Bariloche to prepare for Elder Teixeira who is coming to have a council with us on Friday!! I am super excited! :) Its gonna be a great week! hope you all are well and have a great week!!

Elder Stuart

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