Monday, February 6, 2017


Buen Dia!

Well today is my pday because we have transfers this next week! So yeah, thats fun. Im staying here again so here we go, transfer 5 in Limay! Things are going great. We had a super crazy week trying to finish all the transfers and get everything set up for next week! Things shouldnt be too crazy this next week because we only have 12 new missionaries coming in, so a little less crazy than the 29 from last time! haha! The family Melo is doing well! They are preparing for their wedding the 9th and baptism the 11th! so we are stoked for that! also the week after that Elder Teixeira (President of the Area) is coimng to our mission!! SO that is going to be super awesome! Im super excited to see what he brings for us. Things are going great! i love you all. Sorry i dont write a lot, but things are great! Just getting down to work. Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Stuart

oh and we made another wall. So im basically professional in this whole wall building buisness ;) 

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