Monday, March 13, 2017

Exciting News for April!

Hola Familia!

Not much to write about this week, we were finishing up the conferences up here in valley, and it went super well. we are trying to find the way to help the missionaries increasae their faith and attitude so that we can find the success that the Lord has prepared for us. We are super excited becasue we have President Nelson coming to visit our misison in April!!! So we are super excited trying to prepare for that! It is going to be amazing!!!

Something we have learned this week with President. Alma 26:27. Many times in our lives we will find ourselves discouraged with something that has happened, or not achieving what we want. The Lord will seldom just take away the adversity or hardships, but rather help us increase our faith and confidence in Him and His atoning sacrifice. i think it is very significant that in the Guide to the Scriptures under the word "Endure" the first word it sends you to as a comparison is "adversity". We must pass through hard times to be able to apply the atonement in our lives but we need to have the same faith as Ammon and the Sons of Mosiah and know that the Lord " Will give unto (us) success."  He will always be there to help us fufill what we need. He lives, and knows us personally, and will help us become the Children He needs us to be.

Love you all. :) This is the work of the Lord, and i am so greatful to be a part of it.

Elder Stuart

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