Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Look for the Miracles of Every Day

Hello Fam!

This week was super great! We finished up the conferences in the south and made our way back to Neuquén! Things are going super well, we finally got back with the Familia Melo, and they are doing good. You can tell that their honeymoon took out a little of the excitement to get baptized... but they said they would pray to see if they need to be baptized this coming week. Please pray for them to recieve their answer! They are so great! We also had a miracle happen on Saturday, we were walking along and i took a Book of Mormon out of my bag to show Elder Ortiz something and then we saw a man working in his car and we asked if he needed help and he just said ¨no, but is that the book of mormon you are carrying?" we were so surprised and he told us he found one one time and started reading and really liked it, but had never talked to missionaries. His name is carlos and we have a cita with him this week!! We hope he keeps progressing!! Things are going well and we are seeing many miracles in our mission right now! i love it! All is well and i hope you are all doing well and know i pray for you all every day! Have a wonderful week and look for the miracles of every day!

Elder Stuart

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