Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Wow i cant believe that i have already passed the six month mark! Time is going by way fast! This week was so good!!!! We were walking down the street and an old investigator that i was teaching with Elder Rose, but we dropped, passed us and told us to come by his house sometime. His name is Matias and is 18, when we were teaching him he told us he really didnt believe in God but just liked talking with us to be friends, so we just bore testimony and told him to pray and ask and if he needed anything to just ask. Well he did this week! We went to his house and he said he prayed and got an answer, he said when he was praying he felt an overwhelming feeling of love and peace and he knows that God is there now!! The power of prayer is so strong!!!!! It was such a miracle! He now wants to change his life around and be baptized! He even came to church this sunday so that was a miracle! It was amazing to see how such a little things, as one little short prayer with our father in heaven changed his life forever. Such a miracle. It makes me think of Alma 37:37, we should pray in everything we do!
Things are so great here, the people are amazing, and i have seen that when we push through our trials the Lord will bless us in ways we never thought. I never thought this would be the investigator that started to progress so fast, but God knows us all personally and has a plan for each and everyone of us. And if we never give up and trust in him, we can find that plan. Goes to show that getting your feet wet really works!! ;) haha I hope you all had a great week, and have an even better one this week full of the love and spirit of our Heavenly Father. 
Elder Stuart

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