Monday, February 1, 2016

Parkor Leads to Lessons

Well it has been a good week! Things are going pretty well with Elder Elwood! We had a pretty fun experience this week! We were walking by the plaza and there were some kids doing ¨parkor¨ hahah just some cartwheels and basic stuff like that. So i told Elder Elwood that we should go over there, we did and I made them a deal. If I did some tricks then we got to teach them something about God. They said yes thinking i was a stupid gringo, hahaha I am, and then so I did some things and they got really excited and then we had a great lesson with like 8 kids from 9-18 years old about God and Christ and Baptism! It was a great way to find some new people and we are going back tomorrow to see what we can do with them!!
We also had an experience that made me really think. We ran into a lady that didnt believe in God. We started talking with her and she just kept shutting us down. I decided I would just bare my testimony to her, so I did, and honestly I have only felt the spirit like that a couple of times. Then when i finished she had tears in her eyes, then after a couple seconds she got herself together and continued to bash us telling us it wasnt true. It was so sad to see that people are so taken by Satan that they wont see the light. I know she felt something and I am hoping it will start to Change her.
I know my Heavenly Father lives and loves each and everyone of us personally just like our fathers on earth. I know he is there and i have felt his overwhelming love many times. If we just pray sincerly and ask, he will give us an answer to all the questions and we will feel him there. I love you all!! Have a great week!!
Elder Stuart

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