Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Get Your Feet Wet!

Hola familia y amigos!
Well yesterday was Carnaval, a big festival here in Argentina and so none of the shops were open to use computers, so we get to write today!
This week was a little rough. Me and my comp have been working so hard with some great investigators, but they still dont come to church.... that makes me so sad because they cant recieve the blessings that the Lord has prepared for them. I was getting pretty down on myself for not having success with this for some weeks now, things seem to be slowing and investigators are dropping, and nobody is opening the door. We even were contacting one day, and two hours of nobody even opening the door!! The just didnt come, or opened the blinds and shook their finger. It was rough. BUT then i was reading the Story of the brother of Jared again, and how he emphanzises (did i spell that right hahaha) how success and miracles always come AFTER the test of our faith, also in Joshua were it talks about the israelites that are carrying the ark of the covenant and have to cross a river, they decided to just start walking and right as they get their feet wet the water splits and they are able to cross on dry ground. Moral of these stories is sometimes we have to get our feet wet before the miracles come. I know the Lord will bless each and everyone of us if we pressforward with faith. We saw this literally becuase after that really rough day, the next day was raining and Godoy is all dirt roads so it was all mud. I thought, well nobody is going to answer, lets just do some studies until the storm passes or something. THen i remembered. "Get your feet wet" this time it was literal. hahah we went out and the first door we knocked let us in and now we have three new investigators we are teaching. It was such a miracle.  The Lord knows us better than we do, he has his timing, just keep going, get your feet wet and see miracles.
I love this work. I have seen the Lord change peoples lives. I love you all and hope you have a great week, and go get your feet wet! .)
Elder Stuart

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