Monday, August 15, 2016

Do All We Can

This week was great :) This week we had interviews with President! He is such an inspired man. He taught me a really great lesson because i just want to help everyone and when people dont want help it is hard for me, He then shared with me what happened in the vida premortal with our Heavenly Father. Even He, being God, couldnt help all of His children because we cant override agency, He did all He could, but still a third of the hosts of heaven left. I learned that we must keep going anyway, do all that we can and then leave it up to the agency of others. But we need to make sure we did all that we can. One of the most spiritual expereinces of my life that day :) Great week, Love you all! Have a wonderful week and know i am praying for each and everyone of you! 

Elder Stuart

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