Monday, August 1, 2016


This was a great week! The only thing that was kind of sad was that Elder McCook finished his mission! Its so cool and im so proud but im gonna miss him! This week we saw a lot of miracles, Juan Flores and Angel Reyes got baptized! The story of Juan is really cool, two pdays ago he walked into the church and i went to talk with him, and he started speaking to me in English! That was weird! He told me he had been in the states for about ten years and came back now to be with his family, and his last year in Orlando he was living with a mormon family and went to church for that year. Why he never heard the missionaries or got baptized, i have no idea, but he didnt. SO we started to teach him,well the hermanas did because he is in their area but we got to teach him a couple of times when they couldnt, he came to church two weeks in a row and got baptized this week!! It was such a miracle :) Miracles are real! God knows when we need blessings! I promise! 

Angel is the grandson of a member and he is awesome :) We also had a pretty cool primary activity this week! the missionaries were incharge and it was based on superheros! lets just say i had the home court advantage! It turned out really well and the kids loved it and we met some of their friends!

Great week! Love you all! have a wonderful week! 

Elder Stuart 

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