Monday, September 28, 2015

First Week in The Field!!

Hola familia y amigos!
Hi mom:)

Well it is my p-day today, time goes so fast out here!! I got to Houston safe and it has been an amazing experience so far! I can't wait for all the adventures that are to come! My mission president here is President Mortensen and he is amazing!! He grew up in Bountiful so that is pretty crazy! He really is an amazing president, and this mission is going so well because of Him and his leadership. I met my trainer on Thursday, Elder Jorquera!! He is an amazing trainer and I know that he is definitely one of the reasons that I was sent here to Houston. I have already learned so much from Him. He is so smart and knows a lot about the gospel, and teaching and I really am going to learn a lot. He is originally from Chile but now is from Colorado Springs. So it is awesome because I have a native companion and I feel like my Spanish is going to grow a lot because of it!!

After i got my trainer we got our area's, mine is Katy, Texas!! However, our apartment wasn't ready yet so we had to go room with two other elders. We spent two days there waiting for our apartment, staying in their little apartment and sleeping on the floor. hahah! I was a little upset because I wanted to get to my area. But it turned out to be a miracle! So many great experience happened while we were staying with those Elders. One was, the first day me and Elder Jorquera didn't have much to do because it wasn't our area, so we just went knocking. And the first door I knocked on in Spanish, they let us in and we taught them and set up an appointment for two days from then to teach them more! Elder Jorquera said that never happens to Greenies!!! I was so pumped and we continued to have success that day and so many miracles happened. We had to turn over our little Cuban family to the Elders in the area when we left, so that kinda sucked. But it was still awesome!

On Saturday afternoon we finally got to move into our apartment. It is so nice! However, we have no furniture so we are still studying, eating, and sleeping on the floor! Preparing me for Argentina!! haha so lets just say i haven't slept in a bed for about a week. But the floor is way comfy! I feel like patcha... :) We got all settled in and planned the rest of the day. Then we had church the next day, and it was my first day all in spanish! It was so cool, even though i didn't understand it all i still felt the spirit like crazy. I love the ward here. They are all so nice and ready to help the missionaries. As members that is our job, to help the missionaries, whether it is going out teaching with them or feeding them, that is how we do our missionary work, and they are really good at it!

It has been an amazing week, and I can't wait to learn more about this work and this area. Keep up the good work back home, and find ways to help the missionaries and be a missionary! There is nothing like the joy you get from it! Love you all!!

-Elder Ryan Stuart

Oh!! Dad is going to love this so add it to the email!
We went and ate with members, the Rocha family, on Sunday and they made us fish! and I actually really liked it... So we will see if I like fish now! haha! 

I love and miss you all so much. Got to go now. Talk to you next week :)

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