Wednesday, September 9, 2015

MTC Life

Hey family!! This week was also really good!! I love it here in the MTC, but the only bad thing is it makes you so anxious to actually get into the field and teach real people. I can't wait to actually get out there and be able to teach the people of Argentina! I get my Flight Plans on Friday!!! I am so excited! I will leave monday september 21 so i am super excited for that! Hopefully my Visa comes... haha!! We can't check to see if our visa comes until after we have our flight plans so that kinda sucks... so hopefully i have mine! Oh and we found out that I can get letters in argentina, just not packages.

last Thursday I finished the Book of Mormon while being here at the MTC. It was such an amazing experience to be able to read it while I have been here. I had a testimony of it before I left, but I have an even greater testimony of it now. I love it so much!!!! It truly answers any question that we have, we just have to go into reading with a question in our mind and read and pray about it SINCERELY. I promise that if you do this you will receive an answer to your question WHEN Christ is ready to give it to you. He works on His time, Not yours. Always remember that. He will always answer, just when the timing is right. 

On monday we got to do a Skype lesson with a member from Neuquen Argentina!!! It was so cool to be able to talk with and teach a native! I loved it!! it made me so excited to be able to get there and serve the wonderful people of Argentina! 

Lastly, I have come to realize even more in the mtc that without God we truly are nothing. He is our strength. He is our power behind all that we do. And if we pray and invite Him to be with us at all times, then He will be there to help us with anything. If you are going through hard times, don't think He is not there, He always is. We just have to search for Him. 

Another great week down here at the mtc, and less than two weeks left!! I am so excited. I love and miss you all so much. Hasta Pronto.

Con Amor,
Elder Stuart

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