Monday, October 19, 2015

Howdy Y'all!!

Howdy Y'all!! (Yup. Thought I might as well throw a little southerness(is that a word??) into my letter!) haha
This week has been really good! On wednesday we had a exchange with our zone leaders and I was with Elder Sirstins for the day, (and english Elder). I was excited for this exchange until I remembered that we had our lesson that night with our new family, the Avila family.So basically it was me and an English Elder going to teach a new Spanish family for the first time... Elder Sirstins speaks absolutely no english. Luckily I found a young man to come with us who spoke spanish, but didn't really know the lessons or the gospel that well, so I told him that the game plan was that if they said something and I didn't understand that I would look at him and he would tell me what they said and then I would answer unless he felt confident answering, which he kept telling me that he didn't want to talk. hahaha so we went into the lesson and it went so well!!! I was able to understand almost everything and only had to use Pedro once for help with what they were saying!! We have a return appointment with them this week and they were supposed to come to church but they got caught up with family stuff so they didn't come :/ but they were way excited to meet again and to read the Book of Mormon!! So that was an awesome experience, and I know that I couldn't have done it without the help of the Lord, and the preparation that Elder Jorquera and I have done.
Another cool thing that we have been doing is that we really having been working hard with the Young men! We have been getting to the know them, taking them out with us, and inviting them to play basketball with us on P-days! Things have been going really well, and we now have three of the 19 year old young men who weren't planning on serving missions, working on their papers!!!! We are working with one more and we hope to get him started on his papers before I leave. It is amazing what love and actually showing an interest in people will do. Elder Jorquera has really taught me that, and as we have done that, we have helped young men get excited to serve missions.
Those are just a few cool experiences I had this week! I hope all is well with all of you. Everything is great here! Thanks for all your love and support!! I love you all!
Elder Stuart
Oh!!! And I forgot to say this!! We found Andres at English Class on thursday!!!!!!! He has just been really busy with work, and He broke his phone so he hasn't been able to contact us, but we are meeting with him this week and hope that goes well! Esteban is still nowhere to be found.. so that sucks.

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