Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Food Trucks!!

Hola familia!!

It was another great week here in Katy!! We had a great opportunity this week to do some service at our favorite food truck! Oh and by the way we eat at these ghetto Mexican food trucks all the time and they are so good! They are just in random parking lots! This one is called "La Cabana" and it is so good! They are members, and so we go and do service for them and we get to eat there for free!! And the food is so good! This week we got a call from two other Elder's in our zone to come help them with service at the food truck. So we went over there and we had to paint the top of the truck with a sealant because it was leaking. So just picture four missionaries on top of this food truck (while it is in business) painting the top! It was really fun, and way funny! hahah so that was awesome!

Our two investigators, Esteban and Andres, both have gone missing! Esteban was sick and just texted us back so hopefully we can meet up with him this week. However Andres hasn't replied or answered to anything from anybody for the past week. Nobody knows where he is. So that kinda sucks, and we hope he is ok! We are hoping to hear back from him and find him soon.

We found a little family of four last week that we are going to meet again with this week and start teaching, so hopefully that goes well! Things are great here in Katy and we are doing our best to bring people to the Gospel. 

I hope you all know how much you mean to me and how much all your support means. Keep up the good work at home, and know that I love you all. Have a great week Everyone!!


Elder Stuart

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