Monday, March 14, 2016

Chos malal!!!!!

Bueno. This week on my way to chos malal i thought that my comp was already there, but he ended up getting on the bus (which was 12 hours....) about half way through and he thought i was there. Turns out we were thrown into a white wash and nobody told us! We got to our area about two in the morning and only had a few notes from the Hermanas (yes we kicked out some hermanas and stole their pension ;)haha) We then looked through some of the area book real fast, and went to sleep with those names in our head. 4 hours later... haha we got to get up and get going! The zone leaders called us and gave us a challenge to have 21 lessons this week.... that is very difficult, even when you have investigators to teach. And we didnt! They told us to just try and teach people on their door step or get in for a short lesson. So we took the challenge to the Lord and asked for help. We started going, and holy cow the lord really answers prayers. The people here are so happy and nice, that we were able to start teaching people in their doorstep a quick little lesson. We got to Sunday night and it was 8:30, we had 20 lessons and thrity minutes. We had spent the last two hours looking for someone to teach but everyone was just rejecting us. We decided to say a quick prayer. We started walking down the street, and we saw this lady we had contacted the first day here, she was sitting outside alone, and called us over. we sat down, and she started to tell us that two people she knows had died this week (was that right english? haha) and so we were able to have an amazing quick lesson with her about the plan of salvation. She was so happy and said it really helped her. I can testify that the Lord answers our prayers and after we have done all we can do, we pray and ask for help and guidance, he will lead and guide us to were we need to go and what we need to do. Through the grace of our Savior we can see miracles. 2 Nephi 25:23, we know that it is through Christ that we can be saved and see miracles after we have done all that we can do. I love this work and I love my Savior so much.
Some interesting facts now!
We are in a group here in Chos, we have about 20 members... max.. and meet in a little rented place they have. Our leader de group has been a member for 6 months! haha he is such a Capo! He was able to recieve the Melchezidek preiesthood yesterday as well so that was really cool! This area is amazing, and i love it, and there are actually mountains!!!
Love you all. thanks for your support, and have a great week!!!
Elder Stuart

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