Monday, March 21, 2016

(hashtag(no hay on this keyboard....jaja)MIRACLES

This week was amazing!! First off we had zone conference on tuesday in a place called Rincon, it is about four hours away. Our leader of the group took us in his van.... it was four hours.. almost all dirt roads.. super bumpy, and no fourwheel drive... basically it was like a four hour ride on the ¨white rollercoaster¨.... hahah and then four hours coming back! So that was definitely an adventure! It was also early in the morning so say goodbye to trying to sleep on the way there or the way back!! jaja but it was so worth it because the conference was so good! We really focused on the importance of members and how we NEED to use them! We also talked about ¨getting our faces wet!¨Like my one letter about getting your feet wet, but going all out... lets just say pictures are coming of that... :) haha!
Miracle time, this week on monday night and was super late we had like 45 left until we returned and we were pretty far away, but we decided to go visit one last investigator that lived even further away. DOnt ask why, we are just crazy :) haha but really. We were being guided by the spirit. We went to Norma and we got there and they were getting ready to go to Neuquen. SHe is an investigator that was been with the missionaries for a while, but cant progress because has cancer and cant leave the house or get married because of it. They were going to nequeun to see the results of the last test, we decided to give her a blessing. The spirit was so strong and it was an amazing experience. Then we had to run home! haha but miracle isnt over... two days later we got a text and she said all the results came back super well and the cancer is basically gone!!!!!Such a miracle! She came to church this week with her daughter in law and they are now preparing to get married and get baptized. It was such a miracle!!! Fa i love this work!!!!! The Lord really is hastening his work :)
it was an amazing week. I love you all. I love this work so much. I hope you all had a good week and have an amazing week this week. Keep your eyes out for the Lords hand in your life, because it is ALWAYS there!! Love you all!!
Elder Stuart
ps. obama is coming to bariloche so that should be interesting!

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