Monday, March 28, 2016

Chos Malal!

This week was great here in Chos Malal! We are continuing to see the Lord work in marvelous ways. I love this work! This week we met a man named Roman, we met him on tuesday and talk with him a little about the Restoration. He loved it! We them went back a couple days later to see how he was doing and he was sitting outside reading the folleta!! It was so cool! He was really excited about it, because he said that he has been to a million churches and they all have ¨problems¨and he said he wanted to come to our church to see if it had problems as well. Hahah! And he came sunday!! After the meeting he said he loved it, and he would like to start learning more about it to see if it is something that he would like to join! It was a really cool miracles that we saw this week :) also Norma and Jessica are bothing getting their papers for marrige filled out with their ¨husbands¨and we plan to have their baptism in a couple of weeks! They are progressing well! Things are great here in Chos Malal :)

Funny thing this week.... but not so funny. We decided to do a Group activity saturday night for Easter, us misionarys got it all set up and everything, we should up at 630 when it started... and nobody was there. But we thought öh its ok, argentines are always late. Nope. not this time. Nobody came!!! It was so sad. But then one of the other elders investigadores walked past and we hurried and stopped her and had a lesson with her, so at least we got something out of it. haha!

Things are great! I love it here :) I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Stuart

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