Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Faith Leads to Power"

This week was amazing! We got to watch a broadcast with Elder Bednar who came and talked with all the missions in the South America South area! It was so cool to see and I learned so much! He taught us a lot about the Faith and how we can better apply it in our mission and in our lives and the lives of our investigators. He emphazied how faith leads to power. He taught us that in our prayers we could pray for hours and never recieve what we want becuase we are not acting. We need to act to recieve the power, we dont recieve the power to act. I loved it!! I have also seen this in the life of my investigators. Our investigator Matias taught me this same thing. The other day we were with him and he was talking to us and told us that whenever he wants to smoke he prays and then something comes to his mind that he has to do and it takes his mind off of it. That really is an example of what Elder Bednar taught us. Matias showed his faith by praying and then acting and has recieved a huge blessing and that is the ability to stop smoking. He is progressing so well and came to church again! We have his baptism set up for this week so i should be here because this is the last week before transfers and i think i will go! I am glad that he has made this decision to come closer to Christ and that I will be here and have been here to see the change that it has made in him. I love this work and i love this gospel. It is amazing what it does to the lives of anyone who will acept it. I know that the power of Prayer can help us accomplish anything we set our mind to. Just like in Moroni where we learn that anything we ask in prayer with faith believing that we will recieve (and act on that) we will recieve. I love prayer. It can help us so much and bring us closer to our father in heaven. I have seen how just a few simple prayers daily can change the life of someone, because it has changed me and brought me closer to my Father and Saviour as well. I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!
Elder Stuart

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